The Possibilities of Regeneration
The film explores the origins of regenerative agriculture, offering a story that is both new and ancient in its roots. Co-written and narrated by Lyla June Johnston, an Indigenous public speaker, artist, scholar, and community organizer, the film takes a holistic approach to regenerative stewardship, expanding the idea of regeneration beyond the principles popularized in the relatively young regenerative agriculture movement. 

This educational, animated short film is designed to inspire individuals to take action around regenerative agriculture and climate change. Audiences are left to answer one of the most pressing questions of our time: if we expand the regenerative mindset beyond farming, what else is possible?

Animation Director: Jason Carpenter
Animation Producer: Holly Stone
Client: Kiss The Ground
Animation Director
Jason Carpenter 

Animation Producer
Holly Stone

Art Direction Sabine Volkert
More credits coming soon!​​​​​​​

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